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No, she didn't just eat too much Christmas food or skip champagne on New Year's without a reason. Charlotte Perrelli, born Nilsson is happily pregnant. The baby is due this summer and she's relieved it's just one as they thought first she was with twins. She has just finished with the Evita musical (hmm, Madonna got pregnant while filming Evita...). Charlotte has two sons from her ex-husband Nicola Ingrosso, later changed to Perrelli (whose brother Emilio Ingrosso was married to another songbird, Pernilla Wahlgren!), Angelo and Alessio. Now she's dating Anders Jensen who is, obviously the lucky father. And he has a daughter, Izabella.  Despite her pregnancy she plans to participate in this summer's Diggi-loo tour as usual! And did you know she, too, has her own perfume, The Girl?


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Małgorzata Jamroży aka Margaret has also been tipped for Eurovision and apparently she did turn it down but she'd be perfect. She's got a look and persona you can't unnotice nor forget, she's got hit songs, she has been voted or nominated for everything from Trendy artist to the Hope of the Year, Fashion Icon and Glamour Woman of the year besides the usual best video, song, album, debut..... Oh she's also a fashion designer! She's very clever with social medias and would surely use it to her advantage if selected for Stockholm 2016. Her debut album is titled Add the blonde , do we need to say more? Except it includes mostly Swedish written pop tunes like Tell me how are ya , Wasted , Start a fire and Heartbeat . And of course her debut single and internationally noticed Thank you very much that you can enjoy below with all its anti-textil feel. I think she's Eurovision perfection, she's cheeky and fun, can we have her?


Krista Siegfrids is delivering nice pop tunes one after another and this one is particularly catchy and soon you will be singing along..... Hopefully her Melodifestivalen entry will be equally good!


Today's funniest Eurovision related story comes from Belarus. Some sources claim Ivan wants to perform on stage naked and with live wolf or wolves. It surely would be a first on Eurovision stage! We have seen some forgotten underwear over the years, and some cardbox animals though..... Is it time to take things a bit further?  No, according the rules live animals are not allowed, and Eurovision being a family show nudity won't do either. (It seems to be ok to be half naked if you are a dancer though..... )

Summer songs: Geri Halliwell - Mi chico latino

An ultimate summer latin pop song to end this month long series of my favourite summer songs. Geri Halliwell was scoring solo hits one after another this Mi chico latino being one of the biggest of them. There's the laid back original one for the beach and lazy afternoon, and the remix for the night and to be enjoyed with drinks.

Et voilà! Anggun presents Echo (You and I)

So today we finally heard the French entry in Eurovision 2012 in Baku by Anggun. Echo (You and I ) is rather bizarre mix of many things and just when you think you get it the songs takes a turn to another direction. Whistling all along. Very catchy it is. Call it an earworm if you want. Still I wouldn't scream a winning entry but... we will see. In Patricia Kaas like ending me thinks.


It's 50 years since Marilyn Monroe passed away on August 5, 1962. Her legend still lives on and there's no doubt she got "it". Probably very much misunderstood and surely underrated she remains one of the biggest stars on this planet ever. How many fans have really seen her movies, I mean all of them? Not only the 2-3 most successful ones where she played pretty much the same dumb blond? Thee's so much more to her if you watch all her work.... And had she lived. She would be 86 now.  Like this . 


The time has come. After all these years, 5,7 million visits, 12.000 articles I guess the time has come. As much as I love and care for Eurovision it just doesn't feel the same. The Corona years took their toll and the past two years and certain decisions have helped me to mature the idea that next year I will hear the songs for the first time in semi-final just like any so called local.  The bubble has burst. Add the toxicity in social medias and fandom. The arrogant teenagers who saw their first contest somewhere 2017 or even 2021 who think they know it all and only their opinion matters. Did I mention the toxic atmosphere on social medias? I'm too old for that sh*t. It's been a long ride that took me to various Eurovision on spot as a fan and tourist,  as a journalist, as a delegation member. I met some great people, made memories of lifetime. In stressful, sad periods of my life this blog has been my safe place, a place to escape and forget everything else for an hour o




  Latvia's LTV organized the national selection Supernova once again. 15 semi-finalists were selected among the 108 submissions and 10 of them reached the final. Dons took an easy win with his Hollow. He has been twice the runner up already: in 2010 with My religion is freedom and 2014 with  Pēdējā Vēstule .  Artūrs Šingirejs aka Dons (39) is a Latvian singer-songwriter, born of Belarusian father and Latvian mother. He has learned to sing and play guitar by himself and has studied culinary arts instead. He started performing at school but didn't get into music until 2003 when he took part in Talantu Fabrika talent show where he also met Lily (or Linda Kalnina, his future wife) and they did an album together. His solo debut  album came in 2006. Since then he has become one of the most succesful Latvian singers and has won Top Hit Radio award eight times for the most played song, and The Song of the Year award for five times. Add twice the Best Pop Album (out of five nominations


No more leave me alones as Eurovision 2007 veteran Hanna Pakarinen has published in her Youtube channel a video unboxing the Finnish state's maternity box aka layette set thus announcing she's due to have a baby later this spring. Congratulations!