Friday, January 15, 2010

Euroviisut 2010 semifinal 2 live tonight

Live report tonight at 8pm CET. Please join us! (Expect to see some big hairdos....) In Viisukuppila's poll Heli Kajo is a clear favourite (55%) followed by Antti Kleemola (18%), Sister Twister and Veeti Kallio (9%) and last Monday (7%). However Monday might appeal to televoters and Sister Twister proved already in the internet selection they have a lot of active voters....

Here we go again. Jaana Pelkonen and Peltsi Peltola host the show from Tohloppi TV-studios in Tampere.They are once again in the greenroom instead of the stage... and Peltsi made it to the screen as well and joins Jaana. He was still under the shower a few moments ago..... Click the titles for Youtubes :-)

Monday - Play
Monday takes the tirngle stage first all dressed in white and black as usual. Pyros complete the act that comes across a bit bored and uninspired. Rock guitar posing and rather weak vocals. 

After that we see a bit Eurovision 1970, the only one that has not been broadcasted in Finnish TV since we started taking part.

Antti Kleemola - Sun puolella
Antti is behind his piano with four chorists - one of them being Hanna-Riikka Siitonen - ja after a slightly nervous starts gets the song going creating goosebumps..... This is definately one of the best songs this year. He stands up right in the right place. Smoke on screen completes the act. Very very good! Big applause and another big applause from the other artists when he enters the greenroom!

Heli Kajo - Annankadun kulmassa
After a very humourous postcard Heli and her 3 backing singers take the stage and this was THE question of the year: can she pull it off? And the answer is YES! Very charming and sweet performance, good vocals, simple and nice performance that fits the song perfectly. 

After Heli we go back to Eurovision history and a short documentary about Celine Dion and 1988.

Sister Twister - Love at the first sight
Glamrock girls with big hairdos. Elin has really had a makeover in her look and looks actually fantastic! Lots of posing, pyros and fancy wardrobe can't however hide the fact the song is a bit messy. It could be very good but something is missing. But I'm not surprised if this scores high in the final...

Veeti Kallio - Kerro mulle rakkaudesta
Veeti performs his song standing in one place, with two miniskirted foxes behind him. And no, they don't dance but stand in one spot. Only hands are moving. ... oh they do move a bit while Veeti looks miserable. Is Veeti nervous? Something isn't right here...

After admiring Heli's shoes it's time for recap and the voting's soon over! This time Jaana & Peltsi interview a bit all participants instead of just 2-3 like last time. Fair play. The voting is over. And now we have to suffer another "live connection to Norway to talk with the Norwegian hosts of ESC 2010". Oh dear... And then  off to 5 scandals from the Eurovision history, from Lill Lindfors's dress to Dana International, the Danish kiss and Sandie Shawn's barefoot. And Lordi!

And here we go: the first finalist is..... Antti Kleemola!!!!!!!!!!!!!  And the second one is.... Heli Kajo!! And the last one is.... Sister Twister! Ok, I can live with that! :-)

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