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His success break another record. Käärijä's Cha cha cha, Eurovision 2023 runner up and televote winner enters UK official charts at number six! I guess it's safe to say it's the highest and probably only song in Finnish ever to enter the chart and mind you Top-10! 
Loreen may be higher and rightly so but that's a generic pop song in English, when Cha cha cha is a song in Finnish. I repeat: FINNISH!

And that's not all:
#1 Finland
#1 Sweden
#2 Iceland
#3 Norway
#7 Ireland
#8 Switzerland
#8 Czechia
#10 Lithuania
#13 The Netherlands
#16 Slovakia
#17 Belgium
#18 Germany
#20 Global Spotify
#46 Spain
#56 Greece
#85 Italy


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All Eurovision fans eyes are on Amsterdam, if they are not there themselves like Blogilkar's collaborators. Here's a little teaser of what's going on, Carola performing for the fans and this edition's artists Captured by a lovestorm/Fångad av en stormvind , her winning entry in Eurovision 1991. Worth noting Krista Siegfrids and her girls doing a great back up all through the song! And there's also a video of Krista interviewing her childhood idol Carola by escstats here . Will she be couching Krista to Eurovision victory? And here's just for the fun of it a photo of Marco Mengoni and Valentina Monetta.....  And if Johnny Logan is Mr Eurovision, Carola has now been officially crowded as Miss Eurovision... And here are Marco,   Krista and Valentina in video, too...


It didn't long before the real Cicciolina or Ilona Staller found out of the Cicciolina hype in Finland and not only for Erika Vikman's UMK2020 entry. When Finnish Iltalehti contacted her for a comment she refused an interview but came up with a proposal that she could perform with Erika in Eurovision. Then she would give an interview. Erika and her team are obviously surprised but considering the wild idea along with many other ideas. Previously Erika had said she would invite Cicciolina to Rotterdam for a glass of champagne should she get that far. Cicciolina won't come cheap, that's for sure, but who knows if somehow she will be involved if Erika wins UMK2020. Meanwhile her entry has passed over 217.000 views on Yle Areena in three days and over 207.000 in Youtube and the song is fast climbing on Spotify charts has reached already #17 on Top-50. Cicciolina besides being a pornostar, a member of parliament, human and animal rights activist is also a performing s


Lordi has presented its new look and members. As we remember their drummer Otus passed away earlier this year and Awa also left the mosterhood this summer. Otus is replaced by Mana, the paster of the dead, operating in the passageway between the land of the living and the dead before they finally pass on to the other side. Awa's replacement is called Hella, a living doll aka plastic chick, a sole survivor of a notorious madman called Ruiz... read the full story here . (Judging the pic above I think it's Krista Siegfrieds....) The band is also releasing their new album To beast or not to beast in March 2013 and then go on European tour in April. Germany, Switzerland, Italy and Spain are on the tour list here .


Carola recently had a huge success in Eurovision in concert in Amsterdam and will be performing in a gay club, soon, namey Wonk in Malmö during Eurovision 2013 (other artists include Charlotte Perrelli and Loreen). She has always had a lot of gay fans but the things turned sour back in 2001 when she said in QX's interview homosexuality is unnatural. "Now the time has come we can but all that aside" she says "I felt such a love and support from my gay fans in Amsterdam. A new era has begun and I feel such unity." But the QX magazine hasn't yet forgotten. They say they should sit down with her and have another interview and talk about things before she could be invited to perform in Gaygalan or Pride. Even then part of the audience might be booing at her while most would cheer her. She will start from Wonk, maybe those two will follow..... and she can belt out her hits to gay crowd, like this . Or this . And even this . Carola's gay career: 1993


Sirima who, you may ask unless you are Jean-Jacques Goldman fan. Here is her tragic story in a few words: Sirima was born in the United Kingdom of French mother and Sri Lankan father on Valentine's Day 1964. At 18 she moved to France and started singing in the Paris metro stations, usually Gare de Châtelet - Les Halles. A few year's later Philippe Delettrez, who played in Jean-Jacques Goldman's band noted her. He also knew Goldman was looking for a female duet for his song Là-bas . He recorded her voice and took it to Goldman who got interested and went to see her in the metro Barbès. He was impressed and wanted her as her duo partner. The song become a huge success (#2 for five weeks and nearly 600.000 copies sold). Sirima was living at the time with Kahatra Sasorith , an unsuccessful musician. He became jealous for her success and killed her with kitchen knife on December 7, 1989. he was about to release her debut album A part of me.  Sasorith did four years of pr


Goodbye to yesterdays plays in the soundtrack and trailer of the film Kuudes kerta and Stig Rästa is one of the actors. How cool is that? Despite the fact Estonian tabloids are reporting he's playing a sex addict, he's not. The main character of the movie is, and Stig is only his collegue. Anyways, he tells to Ilta-Sanomat it was a bit challenging to act in Finnish, since his Finnish had gotten a bit rusty over the years and he had to relearn it and now he does interviews fluently.  It's no secret Stig has close ties with Finland. Even in the Eurovision when Finland was kicked out in the semifinals while Estonia qualified he and Elina Born brought the Finnish flag to the press conference and placed it right next to the Estonian one. We are forever grateful. Thank you.  Meanwhile he's back at Eurovision national selections with Elina Born in Estonia, and maybe somewhere else, too.... Also, he has done acting in Estonia before so it's not his first time :-

Boobs for summer: Samantha vs Sabrina!

The old rivals have put their bras (or the lack of them) in peace and entered the studios together to record Blondie's boombastic Call me . Life could be worse.....


The 24 semifinalists for the Maltese selection have been announced and surprisingly Fabrizio Faniello's song didn't make it. His sister Claudia is shortlisted once again though. So are many other very familiar names like Richard Edwards, Klinsmann, Kevin Borg, and then we have two Bezzinas, two Zammits and among the writers the same names come across again and again: Boris Cezek (3), Dean Muscat (3), Paul Giordimaina (2), Fleur Balzan (2), Philip Vella (4), Gerard James Borg (7), Wayne Micallef (2), Richard Micallef (2) and there are even the usual Thomas G:son, Ray Agius, Marc Pelinck... Richard Micallef/Edwards besides being co-author of two songs he performs two; one solo and one duet. And will he be third time lucky and finally win it after Finally and Look at me now ? This blogger doesn't want to take sides but.... let Edward win!!! 01. Perfect day – Janice Debatista (Boris Cezek, Dean Muscat) 02. Never walkaway – Chris Grech (Matthew James Borg, David Cass


The time has come. After all these years, 5,7 million visits, 12.000 articles I guess the time has come. As much as I love and care for Eurovision it just doesn't feel the same. The Corona years took their toll and the past two years and certain decisions have helped me to mature the idea that next year I will hear the songs for the first time in semi-final just like any so called local.  The bubble has burst. Add the toxicity in social medias and fandom. The arrogant teenagers who saw their first contest somewhere 2017 or even 2021 who think they know it all and only their opinion matters. Did I mention the toxic atmosphere on social medias? I'm too old for that sh*t. It's been a long ride that took me to various Eurovision on spot as a fan and tourist,  as a journalist, as a delegation member. I met some great people, made memories of lifetime. In stressful, sad periods of my life this blog has been my safe place, a place to escape and forget everything else for an hour o