Thursday, December 07, 2017


Albania has revealed the 22 semifinalists of Festivali i Këngës 56 to be later this month just before Christmas. This time around they have released simple but well made videos for each song and as usual they don't really care about Eurovision standards what comes to bubblegum pop and the result is very refreshing! If Portugal in the end managed it, Albania can as well. Stick to your own stuff and it will pay off eventually. Like Finland. After all Finns are hard rock people.
Strangely I really enjoyed listening through all the songs, and managed most of them til the end - which is very rare I must admit - before switching to the next one. Akyllthyesit sticks out. Actually I listened it twice in a row wondering how it would work in just 3 minutes...? On the other hand you have songs like Genc & David... all 4,5 minutes of it. Euroboys will propably go crazy for Mariza, Lorela, Manjola and Ergi.... I kinda liked Bojken, Tiri, Denisa and Voltan....Let those dashuris play!

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