Sunday, December 30, 2012


Rautakoura (Iron fist) has already released five albums and is currently working on the sixth one but has remained rather unknown. Their song Ilmalaivalla is written by the band. Maybe the acoustic mix of bluegrass, blues, folk, pop and roots music isn't exactly the easiest way to stardom in Finland but the ex-Ambassador of the United States spotted them on the street and invited to play in his farewell party! The band comes from Helsinki and the members are Juho Häme, Lauri Häme, Matti Mikkelä and Aleksi Pyysalo. None of them has studied music and are having completely non-musical day jobs. They have played a lot on streets and consider themselves as a street band. They say that if the first prize is a cruise to Sweden and free hotel breakfasts, that's a good enough reason to take part! 
What did the jurors say?
Tomi Saarinen: I think this hits the right place and time. This kind of stuff is hot all over the world right now. It's kind of anti-dance sound. There are examples in the world bands like this making it really big.. (this blogger keeps wondering who?) I only wonder what will happen to them and the sound on a big stage?
Redrama: This is so cool they should be on main stage of huge rock festivals an 30.000 people waving their hands to their beat, if you ask me. Awesome stuff!
Aija Puurtinen: Not only them but in general in big rock festivals there should be bands that play acoustic. That people would hear what acoustic instruments sound like. I think these guys really believe in themselves as this is really kind of hilarious but yet very spiritual music....
Toni Wirtanen: If this eas in Eurovision, just think how cool it'd be that they come on stage after some silicone chick in hotpants from Moldova! Fantastic!
This is their website and Facebook And you can listen their other songs here

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