Friday, December 28, 2012


Mikael Saari (24) comes from Lahti, gets inspired by indie folk and duck feeding grannies. He asked Santa Claus to bring him a vacuum cleaner and this blogger hopes he did get it. He studies musical theater and stars in Hair at the moment in Lahti City theater. He's also a member of Circus showband so he keeps himself busy! He has written his entry himself. He hopes people will hear how beautiful the melody and the arrangement are and also the text, that can touch everybody. He hopes one day he has a song that someone in the street will come and stop him and say: I listen to your song every night before going to bed, it's just so good!
What did the jurors say?
Tomi Saarinen: This is a big song, I felt a bit overrun by it. Maybe the text could have had more layers to it...
Redrama: Very classical but yet fresh. Grand piano, strings... dramatic. But I also think it should have something more to it, a little bit of hope perhaps?
Aija Puurtinen: Piano arrangement was great, piano and vocals danced hand in hand all through the song. I did like this, this kind of song is very welcome in this competition again. 
His Facebook. Listen him sing Hallelujah

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