Saturday, May 29, 2010

STAR Channel kicked out? Finally!

EBU just announced that Greek TV channel, STAR channel, is banned from three Eurovision future events. This afternoon, STAR Channel aired live the NRK feed of the first dress rehearsal at least from Cyprus to Greece. EBU was notified immediately and called the police to remove the live link and the STAR journalists while they took them their accreditations. The NRK and EBU as they have the rights, asked from the STAR Channel journalists, Katerine Souliotis and Yannis Poulopoulos to leave the country immediately not attending the show or any place near the arena. Up to this moment there are negotiations for which the crew asks permission to stay at least to the hotel, reports Oikotimes.

It's about the time, too. I remember them from Helsinki 2007 and they were really annoying, hysterical and far from professional in my opinion. Also freegossip.gre, whatever that is, was showing the rehearsals on their website live. I'm not sure if that is allowed either. As I have stated before I often like the Greek songs, this year included but I want them to fail miserably and not to win because of the Greek fans and these hysterical "journalists". They are annoying and putting the Greece in general in disgrace.

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