Monday, March 18, 2019


Marry me, she sung to the whole of Europe back in 2013, when she and Janne Grönroos had been together already almost ten years. The year after Janne finally took the hint and proposed to her in Maledives but it would take another three years when they finally got married late 2017. Less than two years later the marriage is sadly over. Krista comments on her social medias:

We got to grow up together with Janne. He has taught me a lot and made me a better person. We have experienced a lot together, downhill and uphill. Life changes people, as well as their needs and dreams. We have decided together to continue the journey as friends. I am really grateful that we have shared all these years together. I will appreciate and love you forever Janne.❤ We hope that we will get the peace we need to recover from our divorce. We do not comment on this further.

Janne shared pretty much the same text in his social media while both shared the same aphorism:
Janne has been working in Stockholm since March 2017, while Krista has been working between Finland and Sweden mostly. 

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