Thursday, March 14, 2019


Eurovision winner 2006 Lordi is losing another member of its winning formation. After Kita (2000-2010) and Awa (2005-2012) also Ox (2005-2019) is leaving the band after this summer's festivals. In the band's website he says there's no drama or major issues. He only has a strong urge to do something else in music and be available for new adventures. He thanks the band and the world's best fans for this 13 years long journey. Ox aka Samer El Nahhal is half Egyptian and he has studied in Los Angeles Musicians Institute. He spent part of his childhood in Libya and Irak wherefrom they fled when the war started.
Kita or Sampsa Astala has been active after Lordi with his band Stala & So and they even participated in the Finnish national final back in 2010 - that got him fired from Lordi actually. He also plays in several other bands, plays drums and does backing vocals besides writing and producing songs for others.
Awa aka Leena Paisa left Finland and moved to Italy to live with her Italian boyfriend Cosimo after Lordi, and returned to Finland after their break up in 2015. She has played keyboards in various projects including Sampsa Astala's band Qma. In 2018 she joined Dingo, one of the most succesful Finnish bands, especially in the 1980's.

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