Tuesday, July 03, 2018


Yle is going internal again in 2019 and it will be very curious to see who they choose (or get) after Saara Aalto - will they go for big international name or something big in Finland. 
Or someone new and emerging?
One of the big international names would surely be Sunrise Avenue or their front man Samu Haber solo. He has already flirted with Eurovision song contest back in 2007 when Forever yours was ment for Hanna Pakarinen. Later he ended up singing it with another Eurovision veteran Laura Voutilainen in Vain elämää series that made him known to most everyone, and kinda launched the idea of his solo career. 
Sunrise Avenue is big(ger than in Finland actually) in Germany, Switzerland and Austria. Their latest album topped the German album charts, as did their compilation album (and also in Switzerland). In Finland they have been regular top10 only. Their singles have charted also in Greece, Sweden and Belgium over the years. 
Below are their biggest hits. Could they do the trick in Israel 2019? This blogger would certainly be pleasantly pleased!

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