Friday, July 13, 2018


Yle is going internal again in 2019 and it will be very curious to see who they choose (or get) after Saara Aalto - will they go for big international name or something big in Finland. 
Or someone new and emerging?
Janna is singer-songwriter, musician and daughter of singer Maarit and musician Sami Hurmerinta. Her mother was a regular in the Finnish national finals in the 70s and represented Finland in festivals in Poland and Bulgaria, among others. And her greatgrandfather is Italian musician Michele Orlando.
But despite that she shines on the Finnish pop and soul scene on her own right. She started her career in late 2000's with two albums in English but the big break came in 2014 when she released her third album in Finnish. In 2018 she was nominated in Emma gaala as the Female artist of the year but sadly lost to Evelina. She has released already six singles off her next album so why not finish it off with some songs to #umk2019? With the right song she could be a very interesting card to play.....

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