Sunday, July 22, 2018


Yle is going internal again in 2019 and it will be very curious to see who they choose (or get) after Saara Aalto - will they go for big international name or something big in Finland. 
Or someone new and emerging?
Alex Mattson (or Aleksi Kaunismäki in his passport) is a DJ and producer, the first solo Finn to sign with American Ultra Music. He started as a true Finn as a heavy rock drummer but discovered EDM at 14 and hasn't looked back since and today his music is inspired by deep house and moombahtoni after his music production studies in Holland. Solamay (of Robin Schulz fame) and Lucas (Richard's son) Marx are among those who have borrowed their voices for his songs. He has also produced top selling artists like Reino Nordin, Mikael Gabriel and Isac Elliot and remixed many others, including Sandhja's Sing it away. He's got millions of Spotify streams. 
Hiring a DJ and producer like him would open doors to interesting collaborations even in Eurovision context... He released his first EP this year and is working on his debut album. Wouldn't it be great to launch it is primetime national show with one million+ viewers?

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