Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Lordi involved in elections?

Finland will have its parliament elections next month and the advertising campaigns are in full swing. Last weekend Jarmo Juntunen's ad was delivered in every home with Lapin Kansa newspaper in Lapland and many looked the ad twice as along with him is none other than Mr Lordi himself. Today he responds: "I'm not supporting Perussuomalaiset. I did it for long lasting friendship."
*Perussuomalaiset or True Finns are the latest phenomenom in the Finnish politics causing many people worry a bit. In less than ten years it has become the third biggest party in Finland and cuased the eternal Big3 to become Big4. They are very anti-EU and anti-foreign in every way. Some are saying they might even win the elections and give us the next prime minister... God save us from that!

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