Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Emma Marrone wins Amici 2010

The Italian talent show that has taken over Sanremo the couple of past years has concluded its season 9 last night with Emma Marrone as a winner. Most likely she also won a ticket to Sanremo 2011, just like Valerio Scanu did, who won Sanremo 2010. Also in 2009 the Sanremo winner Marco Carta came from Amici. Emma (24) comes from Florence and to me who listened her for the very first time this morning she looks and sounds like Irene Grandi - yet another husky rusty voiced female singer from Italy! Judge yourself here. Loredana Errore came second, and the author of the Sanremo 2010 winning song Pierdavide Carone third.

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