Friday, January 16, 2009

LIVE REPORT: Euroviisut 2009 - semifinal 2

The show has just started and Jaana & Peltsi are on stage for the usual greetings. The Tohloppi studio in Tampere is filled with Eurovision fans as usual. Now to green room with Peltsi...

First one on stage is Sani who has adapted a full 60's look. The staging is also a full display of Finnish design with Marimekko dresses and Eero Aarnio's Pallotuoli (Ball chair).

01. Sani - Doctor doctor
Sani has on stage, besides the before mentioned ball chair, three female dancers and two backing vocalists performing an act that owes to 60's girlgroups, Pernilla Wahlgren's Lena Philipsson penned Tvillingsjäl and a bit of Paul Oscar. Good vocals, fun presentation....

Back to green room with Passionworks. Tony Turunen is ex-Nightwish Tarja Turunen's little brother. The song has been completely reworked with Eurovision in mind since its very first version.

02. Passionworks ft Tony Turunen - Surrender
This is the big fan favourite and a loud applaude can be heard while the presentation video is still playing. The song starts with Tony in piano and Harriet on her knees wearing a long purple dress with a huge snow flake on her back. The whole act is very Nightwish-esque and operatic, very passionate. And the public went wild!

Next in the green room Remu, the king of Finnish rock, a legend. Things and times have surely changed as when he was in the Hurriganes participation in the Eurovision was totally out of question.

03. Remu - Planeetta
He's on stage with three female backing singers/dancers, one of them wearing a sort of Halloween mask and dancing/doing something more than the others. Remu himself is mostly standing in a weird position??!! Quite strange performance but then, it's Remu! The song's still very groovy and catchy.

Back to green room with Waldo and Karoliina, the biggest Finnish dance act of the 90's. Well, Karoliina was a fan back then and joined in after the revival a year or so ago. Waldo tells his father was a huge Eurovision fan and wishes he could have seen this....

04. Waldo's People - Lose control
Actually Waldo has 2 other female backing singers on stage besides Karoliina. Two fire acrobats complete the act. The vocals are strong throughout and it's a deja vu from the nights out at disco in 1990's.... Sigh. Perfect in its genre and could set the 30-40somethings on fire, at least in Finland! In Moscow? Hmmm.....

Back in the green room Harriet and Remu small talk about the feelings. Harriet tells the atmosphere on stage was so good she forgot it was a TV programme and performed only to the people in studio. Here comes the recap of the songs and the voting is still on....

Voting has ended and Step Up dancers are on stage performing Good morning sunshine from the musical Hair.

Here they come. The artists have envelopes in their hands again and let's see who hets the green card to the final. First is Waldo's People.... IN! Next Sani and Passionworks at the same time.... Both are OUT! Remu is IN! Now this was a bit of a surprise but then, this semi was very strong!

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