Monday, June 24, 2019


Despite her rather unsuccesful performance in the Eurovision song contest's interval in Tel Aviv, string of singles released so far and none of them really making an impact the album Madame X is proving a critical success and also one of her most fortunate ones in charts for a long, long time. It has become her 9th Billboard Top-200 number one album, and it topped the iTunes charts in 58 countries upon its release. 
She's now only second to Barbra Streisand (she's got 11)  as a female artist, and above her are only besides Streisand The Beatles (19), Jay-Z (14) and Bruce Springsteen (11). Fun fact is Bruce Springsteen is #2 in the charts, just like in 1985 with their albums Like a virgin and Born in the USA. In UK they also top the charts but Springsteen takes the #1 spot, Madonna #2.
Madonna is also the artist with most Top10s in all every Billboard charts combined: 163. This week besides topping the album chart Medellin tops the Hot Dance Club songs, becoming her 45th #1 in that chart. 
On a personal note and being a Madonna fan since the beginning Madame X is a fabulous album. Totally different from the rest, strangely the songs work as a concept and a whole even if listened one by one as singles may sound like nothing. And thank goodness those horrible American rappers are gone and those sounds of 2010s are replaced by more ageless beats and enriched with Latin and Portuguese vibe. She also sings in Portuguese and Spanish and even the use of autotune fits in. A great album that needs a few listenings to open up. One of her bests. Worth mentioning are Killers who are partying, Extreme occident, Faz gostoso (#1 in Brazil for weeks already) and Looking for mercy

Dark ballet 
I rise 
Bonus tracks:
Maluma feat Madonna - Soltera

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