Tuesday, June 04, 2019


The rumors have been confirmed by Kasmir himself. Namely that he was also approached by Darude to sing in UMK and Eurovision but he said "no thanks" due to other projects like recording new album and releasing a new single and such. After this Darude convinced Sebastian Rejman to take up the opportunity.
It's worth remembering the final three songs might and most likely would have been different ones with Kasmir, after all he's a succesful songwriter for many artists besides himself, and Look away was co-written by Sebastian himself... Things could have turned out differently but we will never know...
Kasmir has been around since 2014 when he scored a huge hit with Vadelmavene. Before that he was active in EDM trio HeavyWeights so that fits with Darude. He has released two gold selling solo albums and about 30 singles solo or in various collaborations including eight Top-20 ones. 

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