Sunday, December 02, 2018


Italian megastars are dropping new albums for the Christmas and after Giorgia, Eros Ramazzotti and Marco Mengoni here comes Il Volo. But if you except the usual pop opera we have heard from them before be warned: this album is pure Latin music with some reggaeton thrown in and with guests from the Latin Music royalty: Cuban Gente De Zona and Gloria Estefan, El Micha and Jomal. The album has been released physically for Latin market only so far but the guys are heavily rumored as guest stars in Sanremo 2019.
The first single Noche sin dia was released already in May and features propably the biggest Cuban name in Latin market, Gente De Zona. The Cuban duo is collaborating and remixing all the biggest names for years already and this blogger is waiting for their world domination happening sooner or later as themselves. Gloria Estefan needs no presentation being one of the first big Latin names to become worldwide name. Her Mi tierra is one of the best Latin albums ever. 
Surprisingly Il Volo fits in the formula very well, the guys have pop voices, especially Gianluca and Ignazio while Piero's baritone only brings to the mix fabulous old school Latin flavor. If traditional Latin pop with modern sounds and some Cubaton/reggaeton thrown in is your cup of tea, you'll love this album. Listen Maldito amor, Hasta dónde and No se me hace facil to have an idea. 

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