Monday, January 29, 2018


Spanish Operacion Triunfo isn't over yet as still five contestants are in the running, but the Eurovision side kick will be finished tonight. Five + plus one finalists singing nine songs, one of them becoming the Spanish entry for Lisbon. The voting will be in two rounds. After the first one top-3 goes for the superfinal and voting will restart from zero.
The songs are a real turn away from the Swedish produced nonsense Spain has sent so often. The only song in that direction is the plastic manyfactued group song and maybe a bit Magia. Al cantar, Tu canción and Arde are soft almost acoustic ballads. Que nos sigan las luces and Lejos de tu piel are pleasant but rather forgettable simple pop rock. El remedio and Lo malo bring in some Latin rhythms. If one of those ballads or one of those Latin songs wins Spain is going to have one of the better quality entries since many years. OT comes once again to save the day, it seems.

Amaia Romero - Al cantar
Aitana Ocaña - Arde
Ana Guerra - El remedio
Miriam Rodriguez- Lejos de tu piel
Alfred Garcia - Que nos sigan las luces
Amaia & Alfred - Tu canción
Ana Guerra & Aitana - Lo malo
Miriam & Agoney - Magia
Amaia, Aitana, Ana, Miriam & Alfred - Camina

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