Monday, January 01, 2018


The Israel marathon selection HaKochav Haba Le’eyrovizion 2018 has been going on for 19 episodes already, dropping the artists from original 5000 wnnabes first to 120 and 70 were left for the next round, and now they have been cut to 20 in further jury auditions, meaning some names who did very well in the first round are out like Zohar Razier who scored 97%, Eden Newman Hyatt (94%), Tslil Goldman and Michael Korbin (88% both). On the other hand artists that barely made it to the next step qualifier for this last phase, so everything can happen between one good or bad audition round.
Chen Aharoni is the pre-contest favorite and the biggest name in the list. Let's see if he make it in the end. But there's also quite a few singers with oriental vibe so let's see if Israel joins in with the more ethnic and original sound?
Further televised auditions will drop the rest and in the end we have the Israeli Eurovision entrant for Lisbon 2018 Eurovision song contest

AXUM אקסום
Chen Aharoni חן אהרוני
Rinat Bar רינת בר
Ravit Batashvili רוית בטשווילי
Shir Baruch שיר ברוך
Netta Barzilai נטע ברזילי
Riki Ben-Ari ריקי בן ארי
Lior Chen ליאור חן
Howie Danao האווי דנאאו
Jackie Gaforov ג'קי גפורוב
Ofir Harush אופיר הרוש
Sarit Hativa שרית חטיבה
Hayemen היימן
Eden Meiri עדן מאירי
Jonathan Mergui יונתן מרגי
Tal Mizrahi טל מזרחי
Adva Omer אדוה עומר
José Steinberg חוסה שטיינברג
The Choice הבחירה

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