Thursday, November 23, 2017


San Marino's Head of delegation Alessandro Capicchioni declared his disappointment for the lack of Sammarinese artists in the search for their 1in360 search for the next Eurovision star in an interview he gave to Eurofestival News. So far 750 submission from 70 countries in five continents have arrived but only two  three of them are from San Marino.

I'm very disappointed. I don't hide the fact that most of this has been made for them. Or rather an international selection process has always been out stragedy, and finally we managed to do it. For this we have said no to several proposals from abroad to be able to give a chance to home artists. We have also made a few shout outs in local media and we are still hoping for a last minute rush - otherwise we may have to give Miss Monetta a call!

He also explains how they put the symbolic fare of 4,99 euros to avoid multiple submissions and those who would do it just for the fun (Well, that hasn't stopped some creatures exposing their non-talent to the world, this blogger thinks), and how changing the selection process is always also a risk:

With Ralph Siegel is was so easy last year after five years together already. It was very yeasy with Serhat, too. With Antonello Carozza it's a different story. We believed and trusted in him but he didn't keep his word and we are talking via lawyers these days. I know he is now pursying his career far away, better so! Our collaboration with 1in360 is progressing fine, despite our many demands. 

He also tells Måns Zelmerlöw's participation as a judge wasn't a deal done, but some overeager fan picked up it from a mock pagegabba they were testing for graphics etc and lasted online just for a few minutes. As we know now, he's off to BBC to host their national final and therefor he won't be in San Marino's team. But Zoe is. He also hopes Francesco Gabbani would be.....

So, here are the two  three Sammarinese submission so far. Share some love and click for them to reach the top:

and while at it, show some love to this almost Sammarinese, too
Michele Imberti

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