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WklVids: Doug Strahm, Tom Goss, Gianna Nannini, Milan Stankovic

We start this week with a slap in the face of Russia & co with Doug Strahm's Better this way. The video underlines quite heavily what he sings when telling this story, with an happy end. Yet, it's quite nice and sweet affair. Doug has also quite an interesting bio. While we are at it, let's give them another slap! Tom Goss has written an anthem for Gay bears with a funny video to go with it. Gianna Nannini has released 4th (or is it 5th?) single of her latest success album, In the rain. Also this video has a strong message and story.... Last but not least, Milan Stankovic is back with Od mene se odvikavaj. Nicely flavored with local sounds. Enjoy!


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Update! Another thing got Swedes talking last night: Carola's boobs when she was giving away an award. This is not the first time her boombs cause headlines; her misfortunate adventures in the 80's in Japan wer explained with her boobs being too big for Japanese market. Ok.... Or was it the song ? Anyways, Carola apologies and says she thinks the dress is stylish and elegant (even her friends said so) and she's a mature woman in her 40s, not a 16-year-old girl and looks like one. The Swedish Oscars, Guldbagge awards were given out last night. Carola was there as a guest star to sing Barbra Streisand's The way we were when honoring the movie stars who passed away during 2012. However, the cameras were too much on Carola, not on the stars showed in photos in the background and that upset many viewers as that part of the show was to celebrate them, not Carola. Oh well...  The producer of the show tells in Aftonbladet the part of the show was made the sam



Well, I have been waiting for this. The photos have been online for years. The British rubbish media has made a story of Sergey Lazarev's "fetish porn past". LOL. How funny. Kreml and Putin are apparently very worried and denying their entrant has a lurid past. And trying to get them off internet. Yeah right. LOL. Photos are explicit. Yeah, you can see his bare bum. All in all this is just so funny. And for you enjoyment here are the "porn" pics.    Oh Daily Star,  You are the only one, such a source of joy! I have originally posted this photo already in January 2011