Saturday, September 29, 2012


Interesting news come from Luxembourg. RTL is running a TV ad for a casting show and apparently the winner will go to Malmö 2013! The clip uses as the background the so far last Luxembourgian entry in the Eurovision, Modern Times with Donne-moi une chance. They also run a countdown to Malmö 2013. Why would they advertise a show they're not going to be in? What is going on? Is Luxembourg coming back after all? You can watch the advertising around 15 minutes into this.  Now wouldn't that be great? :-) Let's wait and see! :-)
Luxembourg is one of the most successful Eurovision countries and one of its founding ones. Five victories including classics like Après toi, Tu te reconnaitras and Poupée de cire, poupée de son and singers like Nana Mouskouri, Michele Torr, Ireen Sheer, Baccara, Plastic Bertrand and Lara Fabian singing for them they could again bring some great songs and/or big names to the contest.

Update: Lol, it looks like it's just a sitcom called Comeback or something using Eurovision as one of its plots where the character(s) want to bring Luxembourg back to Eurovision! How funny is this?? :-) Brilliant idea though!
Ps. Thank you all of you several hundreds who have read this over the past 24 hours!


Anonymous said...

This is just part of the show, they keep repeating Eurovision throughout the show and the ad is just a fake!!

They made A fool of us ALL!

Jarno said...

Hold your horses. It's just a sitcom. The plot is that Luxembourg returns and the commercials are about that sitcom show.


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