Thursday, September 20, 2012


While in Finland last week Loreen performed both Euphoria and My heart is refusing me in a live charity gala Elämä lapselle in Hartwall Arena. Besides that she also spoke about her new album saying we should "expect the unexpected" "People will be surprised, especially those who think it will be filled with cheap copies of Euphoria. It'll be dark, different" She also found a connection between herself, ABBA and Lordi: "It's all about being real. People sense the artificial. No one forced Lordi to wear those masks, that's just how they are. Same goes for me. I didn't have money to train my voice or use studio gimmicks so I have to learn using my voice myself. You can hear the Moroccan heritage in it, in the way I use my voice, in its color."
She also says she has learned a lot of music business the past few months: "In Sweden we live in a bubble and it's all different elsewhere. My life's been very hectic since Eurovision as I'm involved in all aspects of my career, writing songs and doing PR like these interviews. But I like it!"
Earlier this summer she performed also in Turku castle: Euphoria, She is the one
Her debut album Heal will be released on October 24, 2012. 

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