Saturday, August 11, 2018


The 61st Castrocaro festival for new voices was won by Maria (or Valentina Ergotelli, 23). And as the facts are, she's got as a winner a right to take part in AreaSanremo wherefrom the artists for December Sanremo Giovani will be selected, and two of them will take part in Sanremo 2019 and the winner going to Eurovision... the journey is long but in theory possible. She's got the look, presence and voice - all she needs now is a killer song!
The festival that used to be the pool of new talents in times before all Idols, x Factors and similar took over television seems to be in decline as it wasn't even broadcasted live but almost two weeks later of its July 29 date, and late night on Rai2. Ten artists made it to the final and were judged by four judges, among them Jalisse's Alessandra Drusian. 
Castrocaro has been a starting point for the careers of Gigliola Cinquetti (she won in 1963 and got a right to participate in Sanremo 1964 and Eurovision), Giuni Russo (1967), Alice (1971), Luca Barbarossa (1980), Zucchero (1981), Fiordaliso (1981), Rosario Di Bella (1987), Silvia Salemi (1995), Davide Papasidero of XF UK fame (2013) among others... and that's only the winners! Other names who didn't win include Eros Ramazzotti, Laura Pausini, Fiorella Mannoia, Paolo Vallesi.... 

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