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Carola and Charlotte together - for the first time

The Swedish multiple Melodifestivalen winners and Eurovision winners Carola Häggkvist and Charlotte Perrelli have been national schlager queens for decades and privately have known each other for years as well but strangely they have not shared the same stage before. Between them they have five Eurovision final placings and four of them in top-5. That all changed this summer in Norway when they both sung their songs and joined forces for the final medley in Allsång på grensen - or should we say Charlotte was reduced to back up Carola? "It's quite funy actually" they told the press in unison. "Usually they book one or the other, it's difficult to have two such big names in one show maybe?" But don't except a duet with them anytime soon. "Maybe if we had known better we could have prepared something" they conclude. Sounds like "no no never"....


Anonymous said…
What I'm going to say has nothing to do with this post.
In 2008, when Charlotte Perrelli was in Belgrade competing for Eurovision, Dana International was there too, as she wrote Boaz Mauda's song.And guess what she said about Sweden's entry:
"Sweden had an excellent song, which should have won. The only problem was that the singer looked like an alien, with all that botox... That was the reason she finished 18th"

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