Monday, November 01, 2010

Lena Philipsson puts stop to speculations

In a recent in terview Lena Philipsson said she founds it very flattering SVT is still hunting her for Melodifestivalen. "It's very flattering that they think I still have something to give but the question I ask myself is do I want to? Am I labelled? I'm not sure. It's more like they want me to take part as an artist instead of  having a great song and it's a bit funny. Right now I think it's not very likely I'll be there." She also sends the release of a new album to the future. "I'm searching someone to write music with. Someone like Orup but new and fresh to work not for an album but for a longer time. I haven't found him or them yet but somewhere amongst all these young people at home writing music... " What she is doing is working on a new show. And enjoying the life of a newlywed. 
And here she is covering Lady Gaga's Bad romance in her recent show with the symphony orchestra.

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