Thursday, September 15, 2011

Mietta as tutor in Star Academy!

Mietta is one of the chosen mentors in Italian Star Academy. She won Sanremo 1989 newcomers and has since been active in Italian music business as a singer and she is known to give a hand for new young songwriters by recording their songs. And no need to mention she is one of my favourite singers! She is joined by another Sanremo newcomers winner Syria (1996), Sanremo winner Ron of the same year and Gianluca Grignani who also has 20+ years of experience as a recording artists and teenage heartthrob.
The jurors of the show are legendary singer Ornella Vanoni, one of the best show girls around Lorella Cuccarini and Nicola Savino who's a radio and Tv personality as well as imitator.
And as the rumour and speculation is Star Academy might provide the possible Italian entrant for the Eurovision 2012... 
The other rumour is Mietta was destined for Eurovision 1990 but as RAI was pulling it till the last minute she had to turn down the offer as her career was taking off big time in Italy and Toto Cutugno was sent in the last minute. After all he was on RAI's payroll already so a job was a job.... The rest is history.

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