Monday, May 02, 2016


As expected, it's all about 70's disco. Serhat is confident and relaxed with his five dancers/singers on stage. Falling stars, disco balls, more dancers projected in the backdrop. Glamour, sensuality and swagger. handclapping. Kitchy and cheesy but one to watch. I woudln't be suprised if this sailed to the final knocking out someone taken for sure by fans to do it. Now, wouldn't that be fun? :-)
In the Meet & Greet he tells he's very calm, no fear and feeling good. And he tells a story: I didn't know was written for him already 10 years ago (he only sings songs written for him, no covers) and at that time it didn't feel right and he joked to the composer "Let's keep this song. Maybe one day we can use it for Eurovision song contest". And back then there was no idea of Eurovision nowhere in sight. It was just a joke. Life is weird. 
Isn't Serhat just adorable? Like a little coccoo uncle that keeps talking and telling stories like there's no tomorrow?
Serhat is back to Globen as he did already Eurovision 2000. As an audience.

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