Wednesday, May 04, 2016


Donny is back and he's aiming to win. So he says. His stage is all blue with a lot of lights in the uptempo parts of the song and he's still saving his eventual outfit for the second rehearsal. He's got a trampolin. Donny 2012 did a backflip, Donny 2016 jumps on trampolin.... Oh well... He's got highlights in his hair now though. And some fancy hand choreography.  Vocally he's doing great every repeat. But I suppose winning, or even beating his previous result will be hard....
In the Meet & Greet he tells the rehearsal could have been better, but they're getting there. He also tells he always knew he would be back to Eurovision and knows Kaliopi since 2010 when they met in some festival. Then they did Eurovision 2012, And now 2016. What else was said? Check out the video at the bottom of this post. 
In 2012 I was just a kid hoping to be in Eurovision. Now I'm here to win it

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