Friday, February 05, 2016


Stella Christine (23) comes from Kotka and is a newcomer to mainstream public but has been writing music and doing gigs with her guitar for years. Over the years she has found her own style that is a mix of R'n'B and soul wit a hint of jazz.  She confesses of being a huge fan of Eurovision, and also UMK that has over the years given a chance to all styles of music and that's why she decided to try her luck, too. It's going to be simple; girl, guitar and a song but if she gets to Stockholm they will think about some tricks....

Blogilkar: Nice relaxed atmosphere, nice vocals.... kinda songs that you want to listen and just chill with. Not sure how this will work on stage and if this could work at all in Eurovision but you never know...  Not bad at all 3/5

Jack: Stella brings some R&B to UMK! Not the greatest or most memorable song on offer but it's nice enough. Although who remembers nice when it comes to the voting? And for that reason I think she'll struggle to qualify. I'd liked to be proved wrong though. 3/5

Peter:  Well Fado style has never worked for Portugal, why would it work for Finland? It's not a bad lounge song, and at least it tries to break the mould. Not sure it would do well at Eurovision though. Lyrics are corny, pretty miserable actually. There's no real climax and it's in no way captivating. 2/5

Robert: Great voice, nice loungy tune. Quality song from Finland 4/5

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