Tuesday, February 02, 2016


Mikko Herranen made himself known in The Voice 2012 - in the same team with Saara Aalto and Krista Siegfrids! - but he's been around for 20 years making music and performing and writing songs, mostly in post grunge/metal bands RUST and Velcra. He plays most of the instruments on his solo albums and has been involved in nearly 40 albums as musicians, producer and/or writer. 
Despite his vision loss he's able to read and operate computers. He's prepairing his third solo album at the moment and says he took part in #UMK2016 as a new experience and challenge, as it is something he hasn't done yet. Fair enough. He also states he has all the plans ready for Stockholm and promises a show that will be spectacular, loved and unseen before with cool, big and strange things..... 
Blogilkar: This is just plain boring. No show can save this. Uninteresting song and I'm not a fan of his voice. Never was and this didn't change it. For me the worst song this year, can't find anything in it to give even one point. 0/5

Jack: #Yawn. Mikko's song is very dull I'm afraid. He has a fantastic voice, I just wish the song was stronger and had a more interesting arrangement. Of course some people will love this, and good luck to him, but it doesn't appeal to me in the slightest. Sorry. 1/5

Peter: Don't get the point of the driving given that he's blind .. Go figure … I don't particularily like his voice and the lyrics are a bit haphazzard - almost a mistake. This could be characterised by being one big moan … what a boring singer .. It sounds like the song was manufactured to "fit" some kind of Eurovision winning template including the modulation - but I think they took the wrong template. 2/5

Robert: He has quite a nice song but I do not like his voice very much. I do not see this going anywhere in this contest. 2/5

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