Wednesday, February 03, 2016


Eini (Pajumäki), the schlager disco queen! She's been in business for 38 years but this is only her second Eurovision attempt (1996 Aina sun luonas placed 7th). She's quite remarklable as she has managed to stay in the business and make a living on her gigs all these years without having any megahits to name. Her early career was marked by cover versions (like most every schlager singers at the time) that she has kept performing ever since. With success. There have been ups and downs, but now she's more up than for years following the suit of Paula Koivuniemi and Katri Helena becoming discovered by the younger audiences and enjoying more fame and success in her 50s than propably ever in her career. Everybody in Finland knows her name, and no one seems to dislike her. She's still the big eyed girl next door even if she's already 55. And she's got the legs to die for so she's got all the right to show them off. She may fail to make the perfect cougar in the video but it's been told live on stage she's totallly in command so beware!
Her 13th studio album has just been released featuring also her #UMK2016 entry while all the other songs are covers of the recent Finnish hits, and guess what? It's been welcomed with open arms by critics and fans alike. Could it be she finally sells gold?
Blogilkar: First I was like most: Eini in Eurovision? No way! But then I heard the song, and the rest. And I thought why not? It's one of the strongest songwise here and yes, it's maybe oldfashioned and simple but sometimes it works best. When you are not trying too hard to fit in the mode, be what you think others expect. This comes across very Eini. Honest. A perfect song for her and her style and not manufatured for Eurovision. For that I give thumps up and hope she makes the final at least! 4/5

Jack: Geri Halliwell's long lost Finnish sister actually brings a pretty decent tune to the table. She probably won't win but I like this one a lot. Hope she qualifies. 3/5

Peter: Eini chose a winning Eurovision template, only problem is that it was from the 1970s. Far too "traditional" for 21st century Eurovision. At least there's a bit of a beat, and we won't be too bored during the performance. She should also consider acting her age and not pretending to be 30 years younger (sorry, but that's painful to watch) 2/5

Robert: Are we back in the 80's? At the times of Sata salamaa and Eläköön elämä? Not a bad song but so old-fashioned and dated. 2/5

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