Thursday, February 04, 2016


ClemSo comes from Nigeria and  is living in Finland since three years. In Lagos, Nigeria he used to sing in weddings and church all genres of music but says modern pop and afrobeat are close to his heart. He comes from a musical family and says he's energetic like most Nigerians. Living alone in Finland without his family and friends has made him grow stronger with "sisu" :-) The song's lyrics are in three different languages: Pidgin English, Joruba and English. ClemSo is of Joruba tribe and this is his debut single. He got to know Eurovision after moving to Europe, and followed closely Conchita's way to victory. He wishes to win #UMK2016 and give some good vibes and positivivity to all this immigrant and refugees crisis hitting also Finland heavily the past year. 

Blogilkar: This is a tough one. I kinda like this, there are good elements. But somehow it doesn't go anywhere and doesn't develop but just flows on with nice sounds and beats and melody lines. He's got a nice voice I enjoy listening to. Will propably work much better then performed on stage if he gets the audience along. But is it strong enoung for Eurovision? Maybe no. But it's nice to listen to. 3/5

Jack: I am indifferent to this song. I don't like it, I don't hate it. Maybe when I see the live performance it could grow on me a bit more. Maybe. 2/5

Peter:By comparison to the other songs in the first semi, this one is reasonably good. At least it's different and it has a beat. It would not do well on an Eurovision stage as a result of the constant repetition of the motif. There is no variation in the song at all. 2/5

Robert: Great and unusual song  by ClemSo for Eurovision. It's got a nice groove and beat. Would love to move on this in the Euroclub 5/5

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